Watch US News Revealed Philippines is the No. 1 Country to Invest In

The Philippines is now the #1 country to invest in, according to a report published by U.S. News. This was scored using a model developed by Y&R’s BAV (Brand Asset Valuator) Group and the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, the Philippines performed well in spite of declining inflows of foreign direct investment to Southeast Asia as a whole.

According to Business Insider, Last month, U.S. News released their 2018 Best Countries ranking. To determine the overall list, U.S. News surveyed over 21,000 people worldwide about 80 different countries, measuring them on 65 different attributes, including cultural influence, entrepreneurship, and quality of life.

For the best countries to invest in ranking, U.S. News focused on just eight of the 65 attributes: entrepreneurship, economic stability, favorable tax environment, innovation, skilled labor, technological expertise, dynamism, and corruption. Responses from over 6,000 survey participants — who act as decision makers in business around the globe — were then used to determine the ranking.

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