How to Appeal videos marked "Not suitable for most advertisers" by YouTube

YouTube updated their Creator Studio. If the content of a video you uploaded is identified as not suitable for advertisers, you'll see a yellow dollar sign  next to the video. You'll also get an email to the email address associated with your YouTube account.

A video will be marked "Not suitable for most advertisers" in Video Manager if:
It is not considered suitable for all brands, so the video will receive fewer ads.
It does not meet the criteria for advertiser-friendly content, so the video is not eligible for advertising.

If you believe that your video is suitable for all brands, you can appeal the decision. An appeal gets sent to an expert reviewer and their decisions help our systems get smarter over time. Deleting the video and re-uploading won't help. Keep in mind that videos can only be submitted for review one time and the review decision cannot be appealed.
The "not suitable for most advertisers"  icon does not mean the video is limited in search and discovery. Advertiser preferences are not used to inform how videos display on YouTube. However, just as a video with profanity or violence may not be appropriate for every advertiser, such videos may not be widely recommended across all viewers.

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