How to Get Balik Manggagawa OEC Exemption Online Tutorial

Q&A EXEMPTION FROM ACQUIRING OVERSEAS EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE (OEC) GBR No. 12, S 2016/MC No. 06, S 2016 OVERVIEW AND GENERAL INFORMATION Who may avail of the OEC Exemption of Balik Manggagawa (BM) per GBR No. 12, S 2016?

A Balik Manggagawa worker with employment visa / work permit, who has served or is serving his/her employment contract and is: a. returning to the same employer; b. returning to the same job site; and c. has record in the POEA Database. What is meant by “has record in the POEA Database”? OFWs who have been previously issued OEC by the POEA at any of its offices/centers (POEA Main Office, Regional Offices, Extension Units, BM Mall Processing Centers, POLO offices abroad). I am an OFW returning to same employer or jobsite how do I avail of the OEC Exemption? BM worker returning to the same employer and jobsite may avail of the OEC exemption by registering thru the BM Online Processing System direct link at or thru the POEA website address at and click BM Online. For already registered user, he/she need only to log-in using his/her registered email and password.

The web page of the BM Online System displays the Steps on “How to Use the Online System” that will guide the worker in using the facility and how to avail OEC exemption. How would I know if I am already exempted from securing OEC? BM worker shall log-in to his/her BM Online account prior to scheduled date of return to employer. It would be the system that would determine if the worker is already exempted from securing OEC. What if I have forgotten my email address and password? You may contact our System Administrator in case you have forgotten your email and password thru telephone numbers 02-7219496 / 02-7277778 / 02- 7210785 / 09173257397 or thru email or Can I still change the email address/log-in account I used when I signed up? No. Your registered email address and password serves as your permanent log-in account. Thus, you cannot change the email address you used when you signed up. I have been issued an OEC at the POLO and was also issued an E-Receipt in my last vacation at the POEA main office but have not registered with the BM Online, will I be exempted from OEC? For workers who have record in the POEA database but not yet registered in the system need only to register as new user. They will be guided by the system in the registration process. For registered user, they need to log-in using their registered email and password.

If returning the same employer and jobsite, the system will validate if the worker is exempted from obtaining OEC. I am returning to the same employer and jobsite and have previous OEC but the System still re-directs me to Appointment page. What happened? The system automatically redirects to Appointment Page Balik Manggagawa who may be in any of the following situation and therefore not exempted from securing OEC and warrants personal processing at the POEA/POLO or any processing site:

1. BM workers returning to different employer and/or jobsite
2. Watchlisted worker and/or OFW with watchlisted employer
3. OFWs returning to restricted or non-compliant country
4. Workers without POEA records / No record found / Discrepancy in any record
5. Undocumented workers (i.e., Tourist to OFW, Dependent to OFW, Student to OFW, etc.)
6. Seabased workers who changed position to Landbased

Worker REGISTRATION PROCEDURE What is the procedure in the availment OEC Exemption? LOG IN to the BM Online System thru the direct link or go to POEA official webpage and click BM Online.

For NEW USERS: REGISTER in the system using personal email account and click the Sign Me Up Button. Open email account to click the confirmation link. Once registered, log-in as Already Registered. Enter the last issued OEC number. If no record found, set an Online Appointment. If record is found, update Personal Data, Contract Particulars and Beneficiaries, as needed. CLICK “Acquire OEC or Exemption” for online assessment. Enter “Flight Date” and confirm if returning to the same employer and jobsite.

For USERS: LOG-IN, UPDATE and SAVE Profile Page (Personal Data, Contract Particulars, and Beneficiaries) then CLICK “Acquire OEC or Exemption” for online assessment. Enter “Flight Date” and confirm if returning to the same employer and jobsite. If returning to same employer and jobsite the system will display a CONFIRMATION MESSSAGE indicating that worker is exempted from securing the OEC and payment of processing fee. What is the content of the Confirmation Message? The confirmation message would indicate that the worker have an existing record of the same employer and jobsite in the POEA database hence, would entitle him/her to exemption from securing OEC. It also include reminders and information what to do on worker’s departure. Sample of OEC Exemption Confirmation Message What will happen if I do not receive a pop-up confirmation message in the system?

The BM Online System will automatically redirect you to the appointment page once you do not receive the confirmation message. It would mean that the system has not found a match in your data that you are returning to the same employer and jobsite. Thus, you need to set an appointment for OEC issuance at any preferred POEA Office/Center at your own date and time. What is the BM Exemption Number issued by the BM Online System? The BM Exemption number is your transaction number generated by the system and transmitted by the system through the link with the Immigration Officer showing that you are exempted from securing OEC. Is there a need to print the BM Exemption Number and present to the Immigration Officer on the date of my departure? No. There is no need to print the BM Exemption number since it is a generated number electronically transmitted by the system to the link used by the Immigration Officer. How do I update some of the information on my Personal and Employment Details/Contract Particulars? You may log-in using your registered email and password thru the direct link: The System will show the PROFILE PAGE. You may edit and save some editable fields such as: 1. Personal Data Passport Number; Civil Status; Home Address in the Philippines; SSS, Pag-Ibig RTN/MID; Telephone/Mobile Number; Name of Spouse; Contract Particulars; Address of Employer; Telephone Number/Fax of Employer; Contract Duration; Last Deployment Date to the Worksite; and Last Arrival Date to the Philippines. 2. Beneficiaries: Name of Beneficiary; Relation to OFW; Gender of Beneficiary; Date of Birth of Beneficiary. What are the fields in my Profile that I cannot edit? Fields in your OFW Profile that you cannot edit are: 1. Personal Data Name (First, Middle, Surname); Birthdate; Mothers Full Maiden Name; 2. Contract Particulars Employer’s Name; Jobsite; Position; Salary What will I do if I need to change the non-editable fields? If there is a need to change the non-editable fields you may set an appointment at your preferred POEA office/center, date and time. I already updated my profile but I cannot proceed to the next step? You cannot proceed to next step if you do not complete filling up all required fields and CLICK “SAVE.” Does the system require an updated picture? Yes. Your picture appears in the System and used by the Bureau of Immigration for identification purposes and final departure formalities. Thus, you need to update your photo which must not exceed one (1) MB. Your recent photo must be a clear picture showing your full face similar to passport picture. I already got my confirmation from the system that I am exempted from OEC, do I need to go to POEA office? No. You may proceed directly to the airport for your final departure formalities. What will I present at the airport on the day of my departure since I don’t have my OEC? On the day of departure, you may proceed directly to the Airline counter at the airport for check in. After check in, proceed to the Immigration counter and present your: 1. Passport valid at least 6 months from date of departure; 2. Valid Work Visa/Work Permit indicating employer and jobsite. How about if my visa do not indicate my employer, what will I present at the Immigration Officer?

For workers hired by companies, they may present any of the following proof of employment stating the name of employer:
1. Valid employment contract;
2. Current Employment Certificate;
3. Valid Employment ID;
4. Recent Pay Slip. For domestic workers, valid POLO Verified Employment Contract may be presented.

How can I avail of the Travel Tax and Terminal Fee exemption since I am now exempted from securing OEC? The BM worker may present to the airline counter for Travel Tax Exemption and to MIAA counter for Terminal Fee Exemption, any of the following as proof of overseas employment: a. Valid Work Visa/Work Permit; b. Valid Employment Contract; c. Current Employment Certificate; d. Valid Company ID; e. Recent Pay Slip. For Travel Tax Exemption, the worker shall present the original and photocopy of the documents as proof of entitlement to the Airline Counter. For Terminal Fee Exemption, the worker shall present to the MIAA/Airport counter the photocopy of the documents including Airline O.R. or invoice with code “LI International” I am returning to the same employer and jobsite and a previous user of the BM Online System but I forgot to log-in to my BM Online account and I am already at the airport, what will I do? You may log-in to your account in the BM Online system anytime, anywhere being a web based program as long as there is internet connection and provide the information required by the system until confirmed of your exemption from securing OEC. Proceed directly to Airline counter and Immigration counter for final departure formalities.

What will happen if I did not log-in and I am already in front of the Immigration Officer for departure? The Immigration Officer will refer the worker to the Labor Assistance Center (LAC) for assistance. The LAC officer will encode the data of the worker to facilitate exit such as: Name, Birthday, Position, Employer and Jobsite and advice the worker to return to the Immigration Officer for final departure. The worker is however reminded to register in the BM Online System for his next vacation. Do I need to register at the BM Online System every time I have vacation in the Philippines? Yes, it is the BM Online System that determines if the worker if exempted from securing OEC based on the POEA database. Also the system transmits to the Bureau of Immigration the data of the worker that he/she is exempted to clear the worker of his/her departure formalities. Hence, worker must register/log-in to the system prior to every return to his/her jobsite overseas. Should I still go to POEA Labor Assistance Center (LAC) for revalidation of my OEC Exemption? No. BM workers exempted from OEC should not pass through LAC since their data are electronically transmitted to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) which will serve as reference of the Immigration in validating the exemption of the BM worker at the time of his/her departure. 

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