Where to Buy Encantadia Merchandise

GMA earlier announced that Encantadia Mechandise can be bought at Big Biys Toy Store but one of our Kababayan from Canada had an unwanted experienced ordering the items from them. She wrote on Big Biys Store Official FB page:

I can't say anything about their in-store service, but I was disappointed with their online service. I was hoping to buy Encantadia merchandise for myself and others here in Canada, and as far as I know, Big Boys stores are the only ones who carry them. GMA also advertised that fans abroad can order from Big Boys.

They initially said that they could ship abroad as long as I pm them. I did and they responded at first, but they stopped responding when it got to the payment stage. I tried to follow up every few days, but it's been a week already since they've "seen" my last message (two weeks since they last responded). I just checked their website again now, and some of the items I wanted are already unavailable and have been deleted.

On Twitter I found other people from abroad who experienced the same problem. They send Big Boys an email or pm, but there is little or no response back. I think it would be better if they say up front that they cannot or do not accept orders from overseas, rather than say they can and provide false hope (especially when quite a few people abroad would place large orders to make use of overseas shipping). Just very disappointed in the (lack of) service.

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