Let's Play Xnooker- Best Snooker Game on iOS

Watch our Xnooker Gameplay.

Aim, shoot, and eliminate all the monsters in this casual marble-style puzzle game. Watch out for deceptively clever obstacles and adjust your strategy as needed. Finding the right trajectory and adjusting your power will only keep you going for so long. You’ll have to perfect your timing along with your skills as Xnooker become increasingly harder. Xnooker provides hundreds of challenging levels as well as an endless mode filled with unique dangers.

You can watch more of our Gameplay, HERE!

• Aim and shoot play
• Adorable monsters
• Adjust trajectory, power and approach
• Avoid unusual obstacles
• Dozens of amusing balls
• More than 200 levels
• Endless Mode
• Watch your progress through the Achievements Scoreboard!

Sticky walls, moving partitions, currents and more await you!If you want to eliminate all themonsters with a single ball, despite some nasty obstacles,you will have to think outside the box! Choose from a large selection of balls, and see which ones bring you the right mojo to help you be the best at Xnooker. Only the most determined and skilled players will defeat all 200 levels!

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