Let's Play Watch Dogs 2 on PS4

How Ubisoft is taking player feedback to heart in Watch Dogs 2 out this November on PS4. Watch Dogs 2, the second installment of a series inspired by the hyper-connected reality of our daily lives, will be coming to PlayStation 4 on November 15th.

I guess I am one of the few that really enjoyed the first game. It was a unique concept and actually really fun to play. Sure there were some hiccups, but all games have them. Zero reason to complain. I’m really excited for this one.

Every character, vehicle, electronics and other objects you’ll come across can be hacked. Everything is a target that can be hacked in multiple ways. Hacking traffic signals not enough? Take control of a vehicle’s steering wheel or overload the engine.

Watch the first-ever look into the new Watch_Dogs 2. Set in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch_Dogs 2 explores a new reality where an interconnected city and network of personal devices are used to control and manipulate citizens on a unprecedented scale. Step into the shoes of a brilliant hacker, Marcus Holloway, and hack everything on your way to shutting down the establishment behind this massive corruption.

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