Announcement: GUNS UP! 2.09 Update Content Info

GUNS UP! 2.09 Client-Code Update Content Info:

New Content:


  • Replays are available for viewing from Defend Reports
  • Replays display the attacker’s loadout, Perks, and Attack Cards used in the battle
  • Defend History is now accessible from the Intel screen
  • Defend Reports in the Defend History now show rewards earned from the battle
  • Defend Reports from before the 2.09 patch do not have replays

The developer announced:

AI Update

Unit AI is at the core of the GUNS UP! gameplay, and we’re committed to improving and polishing it to improve the player experience. This release features a new AI system that improves performance, stability, and gives us more tools to develop new and interesting behaviors. Our goal with this first pass is to make units more reliable and responsive, as well as opens doors for us to implement some cool stuff in the future.
  • Units are more responsive to the Decoy and Focus Fire specials
  • Units under the effect of Focus Fire will not shoot through indestructible objects, and instead will move towards the target to try to fire at it
  • Units are more responsive to enemy fire and will alert nearby teammates when taking damage
  • Units will spread out more and try to avoid standing on top of each other
  • Units will prefer to target other units rather than the transport truck
  • Units will reload empty clips before engaging enemies
  • Units will sprint towards their target when they are within attacking range
  • Unit target acquisition has been improved
  • Units in CPU Defend are more stable when lots of units are active
  • Defending units will not break cover after being in combat
  • Defending units will use extended range when retaliating against enemy fire
  • Units will change targets if there is an enemy unit much closer
  • Units will follow an enemy unit if they move out of vision
  • Units with their gun muzzle inside a building will now hit the building
  • If a unit gets stuck inside an object, they will now remove themselves before attacking
  • Darth Gunfrak has been eradicated!
Dog Tags
  • Added Dog Tags, a new representation of your matchmaking / leaderboards rank
  • Dog Tags now replace your wins and losses in the upper left corner of the HUB (your lifetime wins and losses are still accessible via the Leaderboards on the Intel screen)
  • For every win you’ll earn Dog Tags, and for every loss you’ll lose Dog Tags
  • The exact number of Dog Tags you could win or lose can be viewed by selecting View Details before choosing an opponent
  • Gain more Dog Tags for earning more stars while defeating harder opponents

  • Added 3 new trophies:
    • Best Buds - Attack 3 friends
    • Dedicated - Collect 3 Daily Rations
    • Purple Splendor - Obtain a Legendary card from PVP Rewards or Card Pack
  • Added Paratrooper Air Support command card
    • Epic card that drops paratroopers on enemy troops in defense, and adds a Paratrooper Attack Card to your loadout in CPU Defend / Defend Waves
  • Updated loading screen tool tips to be more relevant
  • Increased stability and performance
  • Other bug fixes:
    • Fixed CPU Defend units targeting different blocking structures than their PVP Attack counterparts
    • Level 5 Perks received as a reward display the outline of Legendary/Level 4 Perks
    • Command Cards do not display an outline that matches the form of their card
    • Boost Bundles received as a reward display an Epic/gold outline that does not match the form of the bundle art
    • Pressing circle while the game is loading the Daily Ration will cause the Hub to open while the Daily Rations screen is also open
    • It may not be clear that the user receives a random reward from the Daily Rations
    • Disconnecting after claiming a Daily Ration causes the user to not receive their reward and be unable to attempt to claim it again
    • Several hats clip through the Flamer's head
    • The Daily Rations panel will display the current day's reward after the reward has already been claimed and the user reboots
    • Resource rewards earned from CPU Defend and Defend Waves are not added to the user's resource counts on the post-game screen, and do not update until the user reaches the Hub
    • Unit perk slots flash when pressing the [square] button while highlighting an Attack Card slot in the Loadout
    • Units behind cover near the headquarters will not fire at units within their range if there is a distant undestroyed offensive structure farther ahead
    • The user must press [Cross] twice to Continue after opening a Card Pack from the Inventory
    • The correct Win/Loss record is not displayed when initially viewing PSN Friends on the Friends PvP matchmaking screen
    • The loading icon displayed when items are awarded from Missions or purchases does not spin
    • The level 40 and 46 card rewards are clipped along the left and right edges of the screen
    • Units will sometimes walk through collision to reach a Rally Flag
    • Walls can be placed on top of the sandbags of a level 4 base causing them to clip through the base
    • The user is able to enter Build Mode just as a Defend Wave triggers on the Hub, causing them to be unable to interact with the prompt displayed until they return to the Hub
    • Units will sometimes leave cover during and after firefights
    • Paratroopers can parachute down inside of structures, causing them to be untargetable
    • Icons appearing inside Base Preview pane in PvP screen appears disorganized
    • Epic card pack wings are overlapped by yellow outline when they are revealed during the Special Forces and Welcome bundles
    • Defend Reports which have been retaliated against still display 0/1 retaliations when viewed in the user's History (until the title is rebooted)
    • Loading screen appears the first time a User accesses the upgrade menu of any base structure and appears every ~6 seconds until the User reboots the title
    • Ranger and Grenade Launcher Units abruptly change position during their idle animations in-game
    • Occasionally, units stop animating and appear to be sliding along the ground
    • The Medic's unit count and munitions cost are overlapped by the green crosses on its recruitment icon in battle
    • AI will fire into rocks when using Focus Fire

    • Meanwhile, watch our Gameplay Marathon on Guns Up!

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