2016 Vice President Election Votes to have a recount?

2016 Vice President Election Votes should hae a recount according to Netizens. Earlier Sandro Marcos post on his facebook wall regarding his mistake on voting two Presidentiables.
Two things!!
1. With regard to my tweet last night, it was done out of anger and frustration against the electoral process. The reason why they were deleted was someone decided to report them. I apologised on twitter and am apologising here for saying something so stupid. I know when I make mistakes and am more than happy to admit it. I was not initiating a personal attack, unlike those who responded.
2. Yes, I shaded 2 presidents, it was an honest error on my part. I was a first time voter and extremely nervous. I voted for Duterte as president, and saw the number 4 right after, so shaded that as it was my dads number. I ended up shading Poe's name instead of my dads, so my presidential vote didn't count. Once again, it was an error on my part, and I think people need to relax a little bit, we all make errors now and then. At least my VP vote was right wink emoticon
The fight still continues, and the events that came after the 'glitch' of the vote counting when my dad started going down, are questionable at best. Nevertheless, we carry on as best as we can and seek the truth on that part.

The Vice Presidential race has been very tight between Leni Robredo and Ferdinad Marcos Jr. Baased on the Unofficial count Robredo is leading Marcos only with more than 200k votes.

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