Clash of Clans Tutorial: How to get you war win bonus?

Here's the tutorial on how do I get my war win bonus?

For each Clan War battle that you win, you earn the chance to receive a war win bonus. The war win bonus can be collected from the Clan Castle when a Clan War has ended. The Clan Castle can hold only a limited amount of resources, so remember to collect your bonuses regularly. You will lose any bonuses that don’t fit into the castle’s coffers.

To get the bonus in full, your clan has to win the Clan War. If your clan loses or draws, your bonus will be heavily reduced. If you don’t win a single battle during a war, you don’t get any war win bonus for it either.

Resources stored in the Clan Castle are not fully protected from attacks from other players — a part of the uncollected bonus can still be raided. Also, remember that war win bonuses do not count towards the ’Spoils of War’ achievement until they have been collected from the Clan Castle.

In addition to the bonus, there’s also loot that you can raid immediately from your enemy’s War Base. This is usually only a small amount compared to the war win bonus, but it is immediately added to your regular storages regardless of whether you win the battle or the war.
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