Clash of Clans Tutorial: How do I take part in Clan Wars?

Clash of Clans Tutorial on How do I take part in Clan Wars?

To participate in a Clan War, you must be part of a Clan when a leader or co-leader presses the “Start War” button. If you join the Clan after this point, you will become a spectator and will not be able to actively participate in the Clan War.

You are free to leave your Clan during a War, but your War Base will remain visible on the war map even if you leave. Leaving a clan will not affect an ongoing war.

However, you cannot join another Clan War by joining another Clan if your original Clan is still battling it out. Other players will be able to see that you are still part of an unfinished war by checking your profile. You will be marked as ineligible for war until the previous Clan War has concluded.
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