How to Create or reset your Security Question in FIFA Ultimate Team

You can create a secret question and answer to help maintain your account safety. Use your trusted device to update your question and answer in-game.

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Create a Security Question

After you create a FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) club, you can create a Security Question and answer on your device.

To create a club in-game:
Select Ultimate Team from the Main Menu within the game and proceed through the tutorials.
NOTE: Back out of Ultimate Team completely, then re-enter the Ultimate Team game mode.
You can now set up a Security Question and Answer.

If you already have a club, you can enter the Ultimate Team game mode to see the Security Question and answer prompt.

Reset your secret information

If you forgot your Security Question and answer or get locked out of your console or the Web App, you can reset your information.

Follow this process if you are locked out and have access to your trusted device (the device where you previously played FUT):
Log in to your trusted device and load FIFA XX.
Enter the Ultimate Team game mode to see the Security Question prompt.

NOTE: If you forgot your security answer:
  1. Clear your cache.
  2. Visit the FUT website.
  3. Click Forgot Answer? when you see the security question prompt.
  4. Click Locked Account.
  5. Log back in to FUT from your trusted device. It will prompt you to create a new security question and answer. 
If you no longer have access to your trusted device or you forgot your secret information, you will need to contact an EA Advisor for help.

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