Video Message from Miss Colombia after Miss Universe Controversy

Earlier during the Miss Universe announcement of winners, the host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the 2015 Miss Universe only to comeback again on stage to announced that the real winner is Miss Philippines.

Miss Colombia got her dream shattered in front of the world and Miss Philippines didn't even get to enjoy and feel the moment of winning. Both of these ladies deserves an apology.

Toby Tzu on Facebook wrote: The host read it wrong ! And he admitted he will take full responsibility for that horible mistake. So you guys should not blame and bash Philippines.

The Results card are clear.
2nd Runner up is Miss USA
1st Runner up is Miss Colombia
And Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Philippines.

So Colombians should stop saying its a total fraud and robbery for Miss.Colombia(but honestly, i feel very bad for her for that host unintentional mistake) don't be so thirsty with the crown guys. And for those some bitter Vietnams who are saying it's politics and fix due to the fact that their candidate Pham did not even make it to the top 15 needed to review the pagent, because Miss Philippines did not have the help of an Interpreter, She's elegant and smart for handling herself gracefully with that very good Answers. So you guys needs to stop the bitterness and rude comments! And let's accept the fact that it was obviously the host fault and responsibility to declare the exact winner.. So Don't blame Ms.Philippines because after that pronouncement about her being the 1st Runner up, she even gracefully accept the decision, but was then confused and shocked when the host lately said it was his epic fail. The only person that we should be disappointed with is none other than Steve Harvey(host) for not handling his job very well for giving the viewers mix emotions. But the man was deeply sorry for that mistake and greatly regret it. Because after all, everyone made mistakes for we are imperfect humans. So lets move on and stop the bashing, Ms.Philippines and Ms.Colombia were both victims here.. By the way, Thank you Ms. Philippines Pia Wurtzbach

A message from Miss Universe Colombia.
Posted by Miss Universe on Sunday, 20 December 2015

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