Barbie Xu to Maine You are Beautiful

Barbie Xu is a BIG fan of Yaya Dub as she commented on Maine's Instagram post.

"you are beautiful! Good luck in your career. Enjoy fame. Good luck. Kiss from Taiwan. Big S "

A Few says ago Barbie Xu is asking what is AlDub and why is it trending everyday. Even thought AlDub is a pet.

AlDub Nation went into frenzy when “Meteor Garden” star Barbie Xu commented on Maine's Instagram post in Mandarin characters.

Ironically Barbie Xu becomes famous in Tagalized"  “Meteor Garden” which is a 2001 Taiwanese show which first aired in the Philippines in 2003 on ABS-CBN and instantly became a phenomenon in the country.

What can you say about this Meteor Garden Fans and AlDub Nation? Please have your say at the comment section below.

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