Marlisa Punzalan voted in X Factor Australia Grand Finals 2014

Marlisa Punzalan, who is under the guidance of Ronan Keating only recently turned 15 but she has stunned the coaches and the viewers with her amazing vocal range.

Marlisa and Reigan Deirry face-off seems to be the performance of the grand finals. My favourite performance of Marlisa in the show. That was powerful and so mature. True feelings there. I always loved Reigan but tonight Marlisa did better. Just realised Marlisa would make a great country singer if she wanted to. Hope Reigan gets signed though.

This was a true David and Goliath moment. You have Reigan, the super experienced vocalist with the master runs, trills, range and has already been a professional. Then you have amateur Marlisa, who has steadily climbed her way up.

I rooted for Reigan the entire way and am gutted she's gone. But Marlisa did remarkably and not only held her own in this sing off, I think she may just have edged out Reigan for the first time. Really impressed by both though.
Marlisa Punzalan made her way to the top 3 finalists of 'The X Factor Australia'. The grand final performances will be held on October 16.

Marlisa's Week 10 Performance, This Girl is on Fire and Impossible.
Announcement of Top 2
Bottom 2 Face-off
Announcement of Winner- Decision from Australia X Factor viewers
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