EA Sports UFC Tips and Tricks- everyone can be Bruce Lee

Fire up your copy of EA SPORTS UFC and start fighting! Finishing EA SPORTS UFC on Pro difficulty or higher will unlock the legendary Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie for play in the UFC’s Middleweight division.


Until now, simulation of physical contact between fighters was limited to bodies that barely made contact with each other; as a result, they looked and behaved like action figures made of plastic rather than elite athletes. The team that revolutionized sports by bringing authentic physics to Fight Night changes the game again with an all-new, full-body deformation system that moves and displaces the fighter’s flesh in real time. For the first time, the strength of every submission and power of every strike will truly make an impression.


A UFC bout is one of the most physically demanding sports on the planet requiring martial artists to give it their all with every movement. Real-Time Exertion brings each moment of that action to life in your gameplay experience. Through real-time vein popping, skin discoloration, muscle flex, as well as signs of fatigue setting in through the course of each round, you will witness the effort it takes to be one of the best fighters in the world.

Pre-order your copy of EA SPORTS UFC today EXCLUSIVELY from Gamestop/EB Games in North America and other selected retailers worldwide, and get Day-One access to Royce Gracie. Check below for a list of retailers by region where you can pre-order your copy now.
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