How to get more Coins on Plants vs Zombies 2 Tutorial?

Random zombies drop Coin rewards when they are defeated. Tap on (or swipe over) the rewards to collect them to your bank. You'll use the Coins to purchase extra Plant Food and Power Ups!

At the end of each level, you will receive a bonus of ten Coins for each lawnmower that was not triggered. Certain levels and mini-games will also award bonus Coins at the end. Coins are also among the prizes you may win when you complete a Piñata Party.

Additionally, Coin bundles are available for purchase. Visit the game’s Store to check out the latest deals! You can also access the Store from within the game by tapping the plus sign beside the Coins display.
Silver Coins are worth 10 Coins.
Gold Coins are worth 100 Coins.
Gems are worth 1000 Coins.

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