Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Blow by Blow Update

Catch Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Blow by Blow Update. Blow by blow update provided from GMA website. GMA News Online is providing a blow-by-blow account of the fight and unofficial scores provided by our correspondent Carlo Pamintuan

Pacquiao aggressive early on. he's throwing that familiar lead left hand.
Marquez throwing good body shots. Pacquiao lands a 1-2
Pacquiao moving beautifully. He evaded a lot of JMM's counters
Pac wins the first round 10-9

This early, ringside observers are already split on who won the first round
Dan Rafael gave it to Marquez, Kevin Iole gave it to Pacquiao
Big left by Pacquiao!
That was reminiscent of all those lefts he landed in the first fight
Very little coming from Marquez, Pacquiao 10-9 by a slim margin

Slow start in the third round
Pac lands another 1-2
Good body punch by JMM, left to the body connects
JMM doubles up on the body punches
Pacquiao was knocked down!
JMM doubles up on the body punches
JMM right floors Pac
Pac is trying to defend himself
Pac gets hit again as the brawl to end the round. 10-8 Marquez

Pac lands a good right hook right off the bat
another 1-2 for Pac
Pac is pouring it on now. Blood flies off JMM nose
JMM might have gone into this fight thinking that he could outslug Pacquiao
JMM is not trying to counter that much
JMM lands a good 121 but Pacquiao retaliates with a left
Pac is out
JMM won!
Pacquiao got hit with a right on the money and is knocked out cold!
Pacquiao still has not gotten up
Pacquiao is till out cold
Jinkee is in tears

Click here for more updatesz! Meanwhile you can wtahc the video highlights, click here!
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