N.Korea rocket launch on December 2012 Update and Video

Here's North Korea rocket launch on December Update!

According to AP report, the commander of American troops in Japan said Thursday that the situation ahead of North Korea's planned launch of a long-range rocket this month is "very dangerous."

Lt. Gen. Salvatore Angelella said U.S. troops in Japan are closely monitoring activity in North Korea as it prepares for the launch. He said the United States sees the launch as a violation of U.N. restrictions in place to keep North Korea from developing its long-range missile capabilities.

Earlier, North Korean launched the long-range missile. However, the result was a failure. The entire world urged North Korea to stop the launch, Like the US, Russia, Japan, and many other nations. Even China did not send observers for this launch And kept insisting that North Korea wouldn't fire the missiles. See full report, click here!

image creditz:telegrap.co.uk

Meanwhile, added from Associated Press report, North Korea has announced it will launch the rocket between Dec. 10 and 22. It attempted a similar launch in April, but it failed shortly after liftoff.

We'll try to post a link of the video if there's any!
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